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mutual pronunciación
1 felt by each of two or more people about the other or others; reciprocal mutual admiration .
2 to, towards or of each other mutual supporters .
3 colloq shared by each of two or more; common a mutual friend .
4 finance said of a financial institution such as a building society: owned by its customers.
[15c: from French mutuel , from Latin mutuus borrowed or reciprocal]
mutuality noun .
mutually adverb .

mutual inductance
noun , elec eng (SI unit henry) generation of electromotive force in one system of conductors by a variation of current in another system linked to the first by magnetic flux.

mutual insurance
noun , business a system in which the policy-holders are also the shareholders of the company, sharing its profits, etc.

mutualism pronunciación
noun , biol a relationship between two organisms of different species, that is beneficial to both of them.

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