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murder pronunciación
1 the act of unlawfully and intentionally killing a person.
2 law
a in England and Wales: the killing of a person where there has been malice aforethought;
b in Scotland and many US states: homicide committed purposefully and knowingly.
3 colloq slaughter or death that is felt to be needless, brutal or blameworthy, as a result of recklessness, excessive or foolish behaviour, etc.
4 colloq something, or a situation, which causes hardship or difficulty The traffic in town was murder today .
verb (murdered , murdering )
1 tr & intr to kill someone unlawfully and intentionally.
2 colloq to punish someone severely or cruelly; to be furious with them I'll murder him when he gets home .
3 colloq to spoil or ruin something (eg a piece of music), by performing it very badly.
4 colloq to defeat someone easily and by a huge margin We were murdered in the final .
[Anglo-Saxon morthor , from morth death]
murderer noun .
murderess noun (pl murderesses ).
get away with murder colloq to behave very badly or dishonestly and not be caught or punished.
murder will out murder cannot remain hidden.
scream, shout or cry blue murder colloq to protest loudly or angrily.

1 said of a person, weapon, etc: intending, intended for, or capable of, causing or committing murder or bloodshed a murderous look in his eyes .
2 colloq very unpleasant; causing hardship or difficulty.
murderously adverb .
murderousness noun .

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