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mouth pronunciación
noun (mouths )
a in humans, animals, etc: an opening in the head through which food is taken in and speech or sounds emitted, and containing the teeth, gums, tongue, etc;
b in other creatures: an opening with similar functions.
2 the lips; the outer visible parts of the mouth.
3 an opening, eg of a bottle.
4 the part of a river that widens to meet the sea.
5 a person considered as a consumer of food five mouths to feed .
6 derog, colloq boastful talk He's all mouth .
7 colloq backchat or cheek don't want any of your mouth .
8 derog, colloq
a someone who talks too much, especially indiscreetly;
b in compounds bigmouth loudmouth .
9 colloq use of language; way of speaking a foul mouth .
10 the responsiveness of a horse to the bit (see bit2, sense 1).
verb (mouthed , mouthing )
1 to form (words) without actually speaking mouthed a hello to me across the crowded room .
2 tr & intr , derog to speak (words) pompously or insincerely is always mouthing platitudes .
3 to take in or touch with the mouth.
[Anglo-Saxon muth ]
mouthed adjective , in compounds
1 using a specified kind of language foul-mouthed .
2 having a specified kind of mouth wide-mouthed .
mouthy adjective , colloq tending to talk too much, especially impertinently.
be all mouth derog, colloq to be full of boastful or confident talk without ever actually acting upon it.
have a big mouth colloq to be in the habit of talking indiscreetly, loudly or too much.
down in the mouth see under down1.
keep one's mouth shut colloq to keep quiet; not to say or disclose anything.
mouth off slang, esp US
1 to express opinions forcefully or loudly. Also called sound off.
2 to boast or brag.

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