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mouse pronunciación
noun (pl mice or in sense 3 mouses )
a any of various small rodents found worldwide, such as the fieldmouse and harvest mouse, with a grey or brown coat, pointed muzzle and a long naked tail.
b any of various similar animals, eg voles and shrews.
2 colloq a very shy, quiet or timid person.
3 comput an input device that has one or more buttons which are clicked to choose options and which can be moved around on a flat surface, causing a cursor (sense 1) to move around the computer screen.
verb (moused , mousing ) intr
1 said of an animal, especially a cat: to hunt mice.
2 (esp mouse about or around) to prowl.
[1960s in sense 3; Anglo-Saxon mus ; plural mys ]
mouser noun a cat that catches mice, or is kept especially for catching mice.
mousing noun .

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