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mould pronunciación 1 or (N Am) mold
1 any of various fungi that produce an abundant woolly network of threadlike strands which may be white, grey-green or black in colour.
2 a woolly growth of this sort on foods, plants, etc.

mould pronunciación 2 or (N Am) mold
1 a hollow, shaped container into which a liquid substance is poured so that it takes on the container's shape when it cools and sets.
2 food, eg a jelly or other pudding that has been shaped in such a container.
3 nature, character or personality We need a leader in the traditional mould .
4 a framework on which certain manufactured objects are built up.
5 now rare or technical form, model or pattern.
verb (moulded , moulding )
1 to shape something in or using a mould.
2 a to shape (a substance) with the hands moulded the clay in her hands ;
b to form something by shaping a substance with the hands moulded a pot out of the clay .
3 tr & intr to fit, or make something fit, tightly The dress was moulded to her body .
4 (esp mould something or someone into something) to exercise a controlling influence over the development of something or someone moulding his pupils into future leaders .
[13c: from French modle , from Latin modulus a measure]
mouldable adjective .
moulder noun .
break the mould to do something in an innovative rather than a traditional way.

mould pronunciación 3 or (N Am) mold
noun loose soft soil that is rich in decayed organic matter leaf mould .
[Anglo-Saxon molde ]

moulder or (N Am) molder
verb (mouldered , mouldering ) intr (also moulder away) to become gradually rotten with age; to decay.

moulding pronunciación or (N Am) molding
1 a shaped, decorative strip, especially one made of wood or plaster.
2 the conversion of molten plastics, clay, glass, etc into specific three-dimensional shapes by using hollow moulds and applying heat or pressure.

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