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motion pronunciación
1 the act, state, process or manner of moving.
2 a single movement, especially one made by the body; a gesture or action.
3 the ability to move a part of the body.
4 a proposal for formal discussion at a meeting.
5 law an application made to a judge during a court case for an order or ruling to be made.
6 Brit
a an act of discharging faeces from the bowels;
b (motions) faeces.
verb (motioned , motioning ) tr & intr (often motion to someone) to give a signal or direction.
[14c: from Latin motio , from movere to move]
motionless adjective .
motionlessly adverb .
go through the motions
1 to pretend to do something; to act something out.
2 to perform a task mechanically or half-heartedly.
in motion moving; operating.

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