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mother pronunciación
1 a female parent .
2 (usu the mother) the protective, nurturing, or loving qualities associated with a mother brings out the mother in her .
3 (also Mother) as a term of address or a title for:
a one's own female parent or stepmother, foster-mother, etc;
b (also Mother Superior) the head of a Christian female religious community;
c old use an old woman;
d an ancestress.
4 the cause or origin; the source from which other things have sprung or developed Necessity is the mother of invention .
5 slang short for motherfucker.
as adjective mother hen mother love mother earth .
verb (mothered , mothering )
1 to give birth to or give rise to someone or something.
2 to treat someone with care and protection, especially excessively so.
[Anglo-Saxon modor ]
motherhood noun the state or condition of being a mother.
motherless adjective .
motherly see separate entry.
be mother colloq, facetious to pour the tea or dish out the food Shall I be mother?
every mother's son every man, without exception.
the mother and father of a something or of all somethings colloq one that is bigger than any other the mother and father of a hangover .

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