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most pronunciación (used as the superlative of many and much)
adjective , denoting the greatest number, amount, etc Most children enjoy parties .
1 (also the most) used to form the superlative of many adjectives and most adverbs, especially those of more than two syllables the most difficult problem of all I chose the most perfectly produced copy .
2 (also the most) to the greatest degree; with the greatest frequency I miss him most at Christmas .
3 extremely a most annoying thing .
pronoun the greatest number or quantity, or the majority of people or things Most of them are here Who has most to lose? See also more.
[Anglo-Saxon mast or mæst ]
at the most or at most certainly not more than (a specified number) three drinks at the most .
for the most part mostly.
make the most of something to take the greatest possible advantage of it.

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