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Mosaic pronunciación
adjective relating to Moses, the biblical prophet and lawgiver, or to the laws attributed to him Mosaic law .

mosaic pronunciación
1 a design or piece of work formed by fitting together lots of small pieces of coloured stone, glass, etc.
2 the process of making a mosaic.
3 anything that resembles a mosaic or is pieced together in a similar way.
4 bot (also mosaic disease) a viral disease affecting the potato or tobacco plant, etc in which the leaf becomes mottled.
as adjective mosaic floor .
[15c: from French mosaïque ]
mosaicist noun someone who is skilled in mosaic work.

noun a small plant with pale-green flowers and a musky smell.
[18c: from French moscatelle , from Italian moscato musk]

moselle or Moselle or Mosel /Ger
noun a dry German white wine produced in the regions around Moselle river.

Moses basket
noun a portable cot for babies, in the form of a basket with handles.
[1940s: so called because of the biblical story of the infant Moses who was put in a papyrus basket and left among the bulrushes]

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