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moral pronunciación
1 belonging or relating to the principles of good and evil, or right and wrong.
2 conforming to what is considered by society to be good, right or proper; ethical.
3 adhering to or based on conscience or a knowledge of what is right a moral obligation .
4 having a psychological rather than a practical effect moral support .
5 considered in terms of psychological effect, rather than outward appearance a moral victory .
6 said of a person: capable of distinguishing between right and wrong.
7 supported by reason or probability, though not provable a moral certainty .
1 a principle or practical lesson that can be learned from a story or event.
2 (morals) a sense of right and wrong, or a standard of behaviour based on this, especially in relation to sexual conduct loose morals .
[14c: from Latin moralis , from mores , plural of mos a custom]
morally adverb .

moral majority
noun in a society: the majority, who are presumed to be in favour of a strict moral code.

moral philosophy see under ethics

moral theology
noun , relig a theological discipline concerned with ethical questions considered from a specifically Christian perspective.

noun the level of confidence or optimism in a person or group; spirits.
[18c: French, feminine of adjective moral moral]

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