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moon pronunciación 1
1 (often Moon) the Earth's natural satellite, illuminated to varying degrees by the Sun depending on its position and often visible in the sky, especially at night.
2 the appearance of the Moon to an observer on Earth, especially in terms of its degree of illumination, eg full moon, half-moon.
3 a natural satellite of any planet the moons of Jupiter .
4 something impossible to obtain promised me the moon .
5 literary or old use a month.
[Anglo-Saxon mona ]
moonless adjective .
over the moon colloq thrilled; delighted.

moon pronunciación 2
verb (mooned , mooning ) intr
1 (usu moon about or around) to wander around aimlessly; to spend time idly.
2 slang to make a show of one's bare buttocks in public.
[1960s in sense 2, from a resemblance to the moon1; 19c in sense 1, referring to the behaviour of someone who is moonstruck]
mooner noun .

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