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moment pronunciación
1 a short while It will only take a moment . Sometimes shortened to mo.
2 a particular point in time at that moment .
3 (the moment) the present point, or the right point, in time cannot be disturbed at the moment .
4 formal importance or significance a literary work of great moment .
5 physics a measure of turning effect, eg the moment of force about a point is the product of the force and the perpendicular on its line of action from the point.
6 physics moment of inertia.
[14c: from Latin momentum movement]
have one's or its, etc moments colloq to experience or provide occasional but irregular times of happiness, success, etc I've had my moments .
of the moment currently very popular, important, fashionable, etc.

moment of force see under moment

moment of inertia
noun , physics in mechanics: the notion that, for a rotating object, the turning force required to make it turn faster depends on the way in which the object's mass is distributed about the axis of rotation.

moment of truth
noun a very important or significant point in time, especially one when a person or thing is faced with stark reality or is put to the test.
[1930s: translated from the Spanish phrase el momento de la verdad , referring to the climax of a bullfight, when the matador delivers the final sword-stroke to kill the bull]

1 for a moment paused momentarily .
2 every moment increasing momentarily .
3 N Am at any moment.

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