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mix pronunciación
verb (mixes , mixed , mixing )
1 (esp mix something with something else, or mix something and something else together or up together) to put (things, substances, etc) together or to combine them to form one mass.
2 to prepare or make something by doing this mix a cake .
3 intr to blend together to form one mass Water and oil do not mix .
4 intr said of a person:
a to meet with people socially;
b to feel at ease in social situations.
5 to do something at the same time as something else; to combine I'm mixing business with pleasure .
6 to drink (different types of alcoholic drink) on one occasion it doesn't pay to mix your drinks!
7 technical to adjust (separate sound elements, eg the sounds produced by individual musicians) electronically to create an overall balance or particular effect. See also remix.
8 tr & intr said of a DJ, etc: to sequence two records (the one playing and the one to follow it) together by matching the beats mixes at the club right through the night .
noun (mixes )
1 a collection of people or things mixed together.
2 a collection of ingredients, especially dried ingredients, from which something is prepared cake mix .
3 technical in music, broadcasting, cinema, etc: the combined sound or soundtrack, etc produced by mixing various recorded elements.
4 a version of a pop recording that has been mixed in a particular way I prefer the club mix .
[16c: from Latin miscere to mix]
mixable adjective .
be mixed up colloq to be upset or emotionally confused.
be mixed up in something or with something or someone colloq to be involved in it or with them, especially when it is something illicit or suspect.
mix it slang, esp Brit to cause trouble, argument, a fight, etc.
mix something or someone up
1 to confuse it or them for something else I always mix him up with his brother .
2 colloq to upset or put into a state of confusion The divorce really mixed me up . See also mixed-up.

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