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miss pronunciación 1
verb (misses , missed , missing )
1 tr & intr to fail to hit or catch something missed the ball .
2 to fail to get on something missed my train .
3 to fail to take advantage of something missed your chance .
4 to feel or regret the absence or loss of someone or something I miss you when you're away .
5 to notice the absence of someone or something.
6 to fail to hear or see something missed his last remark .
7 to refrain from going to (a place or an event) I'll have to miss the next class .
8 to avoid or escape (especially a specified danger) just missed being run over .
9 intr said of an engine: to fail to burn fuel at the right time.
noun (misses ) a failure to hit or catch something, etc.
[Anglo-Saxon missan ]
missable adjective .
missing see separate entry.
give something a miss colloq to avoid it or refrain from it I'd better give pudding a miss .
miss the boat or bus colloq to miss an opportunity, especially by being too slow to act.
miss out to fail to benefit from something enjoyable or worthwhile, etc Buy some now; don't miss out!
miss something out or miss out something to fail to include it; to leave it out.
miss out on something to fail to benefit from it or participate in it You missed out on a great day .

miss pronunciación 2
noun (misses )
1 a girl or unmarried woman.
2 (Miss) a term used when addressing an unmarried woman (especially in front of her surname). See also Ms.
3 (Miss) used by children: a term used when addressing a female school teacher, whether married or not.
4 (Miss) a title given to a beauty queen and used in front of the name of the country, region, etc that she represents Miss World Miss France .
5 sometimes derog a girl, especially one who behaves in a specified way thinks she's little miss perfect .
[17c: an abbreviation of mistress]

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