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1 someone who lives in bleak, uncomfortable, etc conditions in order to hoard their wealth.
2 any ungenerous person.
[16c: Latin, meaning -wretched-]
miserliness noun .
miserly adjective .

1 said of a person:
a very unhappy;
b habitually bad-tempered or depressed.
2 marked by great unhappiness a miserable life .
3 causing unhappiness or discomfort miserable weather .
4 marked by poverty or squalor miserable living conditions .
5 contemptible The show was a miserable failure .
6 dialect ungenerous; mean.
[16c: from French misérable , from Latin miserabilis , from miser ; see miser]
miserableness noun .
miserably adverb .

noun (misères ) cards a call made by a player meaning that they undertake not to take any tricks.
[19c: French, meaning -poverty-]

1 in a church: a ledge on the underside of a seat in the choir stalls, often a finely carved one, which a standing person can use as a support when the seat is folded up.
2 hist in a monastery: a room where some relaxation of the rules was allowed.
[14c: from Latin misericordia compassion]

noun (miseries )
1 great unhappiness or suffering.
2 a cause of unhappiness His biggest misery is the cold .
3 poverty or squalor living in misery .
4 colloq a habitually sad or bad-tempered person Don't be such a misery .
[14c: from French miserie , from Latin miseria ]
put someone or something out of their misery
1 to relieve them from their physical suffering or their mental anguish.
2 to kill (an animal that is in great pain).

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