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minute pronunciación 1
noun (abbreviation min.)
1 a unit of time equal to 1/60 of an hour; 60 seconds.
2 colloq a short while Wait a minute .
3 a particular point in time At that minute the phone rang .
4 the distance that can be travelled in a minute a house five minutes away .
5 (usu the minutes) the official written record of what is said at a formal meeting.
6 a written note or statement sent to a colleague; a memorandum.
7 geom (symbol {minute}) a unit of angular measurement equal to 1/60 of a degree; 60 seconds.
verb (minuted , minuting )
1 to make an official written record of what is said in (eg a meeting); to take or record something in the minutes of (eg a meeting).
2 to send a memorandum to someone.
[14c: French; related to minute2]
up to the minute or up-to-the-minute very modern, recent or up-to-date.

minute pronunciación 2
adjective (minuter , minutest )
1 very small; tiny.
2 precise; detailed.
3 petty; trivial.
[15c: from Latin minutus small, from minuere to make something small or smaller]
minutely adverb .
minuteness noun .

minute hand
noun on a clock or watch, etc: the hand that indicates the minutes.

minute steak
noun a thin steak, usually beef, that can be cooked quickly.

noun , US hist
1 especially in the War of Independence: a member of a group of militiamen, particularly in New England, who were prepared to take up arms at very short notice.
2 a type of intercontinental missile that was developed in the US in the 1960s.

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