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mine pronunciación 1
1 something or someone belonging to, or connected with, me; the thing or things, etc belonging to me Your coat is nice, but I prefer mine .
2 my family or people as long as it doesn't affect me or mine .
adjective , old use, poetic used in place of my before a vowel sound or h mine eye mine host .
[Anglo-Saxon min ]
of mine belonging to, or connected with, me a cousin of mine .

mine pronunciación 2
1 (often in compounds ) an opening or excavation in the ground, used to remove minerals, metal ores, coal, etc, from the Earth's crust coal mine gold mine .
2 (sometimes in compounds ) an explosive device that is placed just beneath the ground surface or in water, designed to destroy tanks, ships, etc, when detonated landmine .
3 a rich source He's a mine of information .
4 an excavation dug underneath a military position, fortification, etc to enter or undermine it, blow it up, etc.
verb (mined , mining )
1 tr & intr to dig for (minerals, etc) They mine gold in those hills .
2 (also mine somewhere for something) to dig (a particular area) in order to extract minerals, etc started mining the western bay in the 50s for gold .
3 to lay exploding mines in (land or water) The beach has been mined .
4 to destroy something with exploding mines Our ship was mined .
[14c: French, from miner to mine]
miner noun (often in compounds ) someone who mines or works in a mine, especially a coal mine coalminer goldminer .
mining noun
1 the act or process of extracting minerals, etc from the ground.
2 the act or process of laying mines.

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