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mind pronunciación
1 the power of thinking and understanding; the intelligence.
2 the place where thoughts, feelings and creative reasoning exist; the intellect.
3 memory; recollection call something to mind .
4 opinion; judgement It's unjust, to my mind .
5 attention keep your mind on the job .
6 wish; inclination I have a mind to go .
7 a very intelligent person great minds agree .
8 right senses; sanity has lost his mind .
verb (minded , minding )
1 to look after, care for or keep something or someone safe Stay here and mind the luggage .
2 tr & intr to be upset, concerned or offended by something or someone I don't mind the noise .
3 (also mind out or mind out for something) to be careful or wary of it Mind where you step . See also interjection below.
4 to take notice of or pay attention to something or someone Mind your own business .
5 to take care to control something Mind your language .
6 tr & intr to take care to protect something or someone Mind your jacket near this wet paint!
7 tr & intr , dialect to remember Mind and hurry back now .
interjection (often mind out!) be careful; watch out! Mind! There's a car reversing . See also verb 3 above.
[14c as verb mynd ; Anglo-Saxon as noun gemynd , from munan to think]
minded and minder see separate entries.
bear something in mind to remember it.
do you mind! an exclamation expressing disagreement or objection.
have someone or something in mind to be thinking about or considering them or it.
in one's mind's eye in one's imagination.
in or of two minds undecided.
I wouldn't mind something I would like it.
know one's own mind or have a mind of one's own to have firm opinions or intentions; to be strong-willed and independent.
make up one's mind to come to a decision.
mind you an expression used when adding a qualification to something already said I refuse to go. Mind you, I'd like to be there just to see his face .
never mind do not concern yourself; it does not matter; you are not to be told.
of one or the same mind agreed.
on one's mind referring to something that is being thought about, considered, worried about, etc.
out of mind forgotten; out of one's thoughts.
put one in mind of something to remind one of it.
take one's or someone's mind off something to distract one's or someone's thoughts from it.
to my mind in my opinion.

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