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method pronunciación
1 a way of doing something, especially an ordered set of procedures or an orderly system.
2 good planning; efficient organization.
3 (Method or the method) see under method acting.
[16c: from French méthode or Latin methodus , from Greek methodos ]
methodical or (now rarely ) methodic adjective efficient and orderly; done in an orderly or systematic way.
methodically adverb .
methodicalness noun .
method in one's madness reason or good sense underlying what seems an odd or chaotic situation or procedure
[19c: referring to Shakespeare's Hamlet (II.ii) -Though this be madness, yet there is method in it-].

method acting
noun , theat a technique of acting that involves the actor -living- a part, tapping into the character's inner motivations, rather than merely giving a technical performance. Also called Method or the method.
[1920s: a theory and practice of acting introduced by Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863?1938), Russian actor and director]
method actor noun .

Methodist pronunciación Christianity
1 a member of the Methodist Church, a denomination founded by John Wesley in 1779 as an evangelical movement within the Church of England, but which became a separate Nonconformist body in 1795.
2 a supporter of Methodism.
adjective belonging or relating to Methodism. See also Wesleyan.
[16c in the form methodist in noun sense -someone who observes method-; 18c in current sense, originally applied in 1729 to John Wesley's religious society of Oxford students, because of the emphasis Wesley put on the methodical approach to prayer and Bible study, etc]
Methodism noun .

methodology pronunciación
noun (methodologies )
1 the system of methods and principles used in a particular activity, science, etc.
2 the study of method and procedure.
[19c: from French méthodologie ; see method + -logy]
methodological adjective .
methodologically adverb .

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