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melt pronunciación
verb (melted , melting ) tr & intr
1 (sometimes melt down or melt something down) to make or become soft or liquid, especially through the action of heat; to dissolve (something solid).
2 (often melt into something) to combine or fuse, or make something combine or fuse with something else, causing a loss of distinctness.
3 (also melt away or melt something away) to disappear or make something disappear or disperse Support for the scheme melted away .
4 colloq to make or become emotionally or romantically tender or submissive Her smile melted my heart .
1 the act of melting.
2 the quantity or material melted.
[Anglo-Saxon meltan (as the intransitive verb) and mæltan (the transitive)]
melting noun , adjective .
meltingly adverb .
melt in the mouth said of food: to be especially delicious, eg in lightness of texture.
melt down
1 technical said of the fuel in a nuclear reactor: to overheat and melt, causing radioactivity to escape.
2 to turn (metal, or metal articles) to a liquid state so that the raw material can be reused.

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