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verb (met , meeting )
1 tr & intr to be introduced to someone for the first time.
2 tr & intr
a (also meet up with someone or US meet with someone) to come together with them by chance or by arrangement;
b said of two people, groups, etc: to come together, either by chance or arrangement.
3 to be present at the arrival of (a vehicle, etc) met the train .
4 tr & intr (often meet with something) to be greeted by; to provoke The invasion met with fierce resistance My suggestions met with approval .
5 tr & intr to join; to come into contact with something where the path meets the road .
6 to satisfy meet your requirements .
7 to pay meet costs .
8 to come into the view, experience or presence of something the sight that met my eyes .
9 (meet something with something) to answer or oppose it in a certain way meet force with greater force .
10 (also meet with something) to encounter or experience it met his death met with disaster .
1 the assembly of hounds and huntsmen and huntswomen before a fox-hunt begins.
2 a sporting event, especially a series of athletics competitions.
[Anglo-Saxon metan ]

adjective , old use proper, correct or suitable.
[Anglo-Saxon gemæte ]
meetly adverb .

meeting pronunciación
1 an act of coming together.
2 an assembly or gathering at a prearranged time, usually to discuss specific topics.
3 a sporting event, especially an athletics or horse-racing event race meeting .

meeting house
noun a house or building in which people meet for public worship, especially one used by the Religious Society of Friends.

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