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measure pronunciación
1 size, volume, etc determined by comparison with something of known size, etc, usually an instrument graded in standard units.
2 (often in compounds ) such an instrument for taking a measurement of something a tape-measure .
3 a standard unit of size, etc; a standard amount a measure of whisky .
4 a system of such units imperial measure metric measure .
5 (usu measures) an action; a step We must take drastic measures .
6 a limited, or appropriate, amount or extent a measure of politeness in some measure had my measure of luck .
7 an enactment or bill.
8 music time or rhythm; a bar.
9 poetry rhythm or metre.
10 (usu measures) a layer of rock containing a particular mineral, etc coal measures .
11 printing the width of a page or column of type.
12 old use a dance tread a measure .
verb (measured , measuring )
1 (often measure something up) to determine its size, volume, etc, usually with a specially made instrument or by comparing it to something else.
2 intr to be a specified size.
3 intr to take measurements.
4 (also measure off something or measure something off or out) to mark or divide something into units of a given size, etc.
5 to set something in competition with something else measure his strength against mine .
[13c: from Latin mensura , from metiri to measure]
measuring noun , adjective .
above or beyond measure exceptionally great; to an exceedingly great degree.
be the measure of something to be the standard by which to judge its quality.
for good measure as something extra, or above the minimum necessary.
get or have the measure of someone or have or get someone's measure rather formal to form or have an idea or judgement of their character or abilities.
measure one's length to fall down at full length on the ground.
without measure inordinately; without restraint.
measure up to something to reach the required standard; to be adequate He just doesn't measure up to the job .

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