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mean pronunciación 1
verb (meant , meaning )
1 to express or intend to express, show or indicate something.
2 to intend something; to have it as a purpose didn't mean any harm .
3 to be serious or sincere about something He means what he says .
4 to be important to the degree specified; to represent something Your approval means a lot to me He meant nothing to me .
5 to entail something necessarily; to involve or result in it War means hardship .
6 to foretell or portend something Cold cloudless evenings mean overnight frost .
[Anglo-Saxon mænan ]
be meant for something to be destined to it.
mean business to be in earnest.
mean well to have good intentions.

mean pronunciación 2
1 not generous.
2 low; despicable.
3 poor; shabby; characterized by inferior quality.
4 colloq, esp N Am vicious; malicious; bad-tempered.
5 colloq good; skilful plays a mean guitar .
[Anglo-Saxon gemæne low in rank or birth, common]
meanly adverb .
meanness noun .
no mean something colloq
1 an excellent one He's no mean singer .
2 not an easy one; a very difficult one That was no mean feat .

mean pronunciación 3
1 midway; intermediate.
2 average.
1 a midway position or course, etc between two extremes.
2 maths , stats a mathematical average, in particular:
a the average value of a set of n numbers, equal to the sum of the numbers divided by n . Also called arithmetic mean;
b the average value of a set of n numbers, also taking into account their frequency, by multiplying each number by the number of times it occurs, summing the resulting values and dividing them by n . Also called weighted mean;
c the n th root of the product of n quantities or numbers, eg the geometric mean of 2 and 3 is the second (square) root of 6, ie ?6. Also called geometric mean. Compare median, mode.
[14c: from French meien , from Latin medius middle]

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