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matter pronunciación
1 the substance from which all physical things are made; material.
2 material of a particular kind vegetable matter reading matter .
3 a subject or topic; a concern, affair or question if it's a matter of money matters of principle .
4 ( matters) the situation; circumstances can only improve matters to make matters worse .
5 often with negatives importance, significance or consequence something of no matter .
6 content, as distinct from style or form.
7 printing , publishing
a material to be printed;
b type that has been set.
8 (usu a matter of something)
a an approximate quantity or amount of (time, etc) I'll be there in a matter of minutes ;
b used in saying what is involved or necessary It's just a matter of asking her to do it .
9 (the matter or the matter with someone or something) something that is wrong; the trouble or difficulty What is the matter? I don't know what is the matter with him .
10 med pus or discharge.
verb (mattered , mattering )
intr 1 to be important or significant Your health is what matters .
2 to secrete or discharge pus.
[13c: French, from Latin materia subject or substance]
a matter of form an official procedure or conventional etiquette.
a matter of opinion something about which different people have different opinions.
as a matter of course routinely; automatically.
as a matter of fact in fact; actually.
for that matter as far as that is concerned.
no matter it is not important; it makes no difference.
no matter how, what or where, etc regardless of how or what, etc I'm leaving, no matter what you say .

matter of life and death
noun something that is of the greatest importance.

adjective calm and straightforward; not excited or emotional.
matter-of-factly adverb .
matter-of-factness noun .

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