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material pronunciación
1 any substance out of which something is, or may be, made. See also raw material.
2 cloth; fabric.
3 (materials) instruments or tools needed for a particular activity or task.
4 information that provides the substance from which a book, TV programme, etc is prepared.
5 someone who is suitable for a specified occupation, training, etc He is management material .
1 relating to or consisting of solid matter, physical objects, etc; not abstract or spiritual suffered no material damage the material world .
2 relating to physical, as opposed to emotional, wellbeing or concerns material comforts .
3 (usu material to something) technical important; significant; relevant facts not material to the discussion .
[14c as adjective : from Latin materialis , from materia matter]
materially adverb .
materialness or materiality noun .

materialism pronunciación
1 often derog excessive interest in or devotion to material possessions and financial success.
2 philos the theory that only material things exist, especially denying the existence of a soul or spirit.

materialist pronunciación
noun a follower of or believer in materialism.
adjective materialistic.
materialistic adjective relating to or characteristic of materialism.
materialistically adverb .

materialize pronunciación or materialise
verb (materialized , materializing )
1 intr to become real, visible or tangible; to appear or take shape.
2 intr , loosely to become fact; to happen.
3 to cause (eg a spirit) to assume bodily form.
materialization noun .

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