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Lengua inglesa
1 an animal's breeding partner.
2 colloq a person's sexual partner, especially a husband or wife.
3 a colloq a companion or friend, especially one of one's own sex;
b used as a form of address, especially to a man.
4 in compounds a colleague; a person someone shares something with workmate flatmate .
5 a tradesman's assistant plumber's mate .
6 one of a pair.
7 naut any officer below the rank of master on a merchant ship first mate .
verb (mated , mating )
1 intr said of animals: to copulate.
2 to bring (male and female animals) together for breeding.
3 tr & intr to marry.
4 to join (two things) as a pair.
[14c: related to Anglo-Saxon gemetta a guest at one's table]
mateship noun , esp Aust the bond between close friends or mates.

noun short for checkmate.
verb (mated , mating ) to checkmate (one's opponent).

maté or mate
noun (matés or mates )
1 a S American species of holly tree.
2 a type of tea made from its dried leaves.
[18c: American Spanish, from Quechua mati the gourd in which the tea is made]

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