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match pronunciación 1
noun (matches )
1 a formal contest or game.
2 (esp a match for someone or something) a person or thing that is similar or identical to, or combines well with, another.
3 a person or thing able to equal, or surpass, another met his match .
4 a partnership or pairing; a suitable partner, eg in marriage.
5 a condition of exact agreement, compatibility or close resemblance, especially between two colours.
verb (matches , matched , matching )
1 tr & intr (also match up or match something up) to combine well; to be well suited, compatible or exactly alike; to put (matching people, colours, things, etc) together.
2 to set (people or things) in competition; to hold them up in comparison.
3 to be equal to something; to make, produce, perform, etc an equivalent to something cannot match their offer .
4 electronics to make the impedances of (two circuits) equal, so as to produce maximum transfer of energy.
[Anglo-Saxon gemæcca a mate or companion]
matchable adjective .
matching adjective similar; compatible; part of the same set a matching pair .
be a match for someone to be as good at something as them; to be as successful, strong, forceful, etc as them.
meet one's match
1 to have to deal with someone who is able to resist one successfully.
2 to meet, or have to compete with, someone who is as good as or better at something than one is oneself.

match pronunciación 2
noun (matches )
1 a short thin piece of wood or strip of card coated on the tip with a substance that ignites when rubbed against a rough surface, used to light fires, etc.
2 hist a length of cord, treated so as to burn slowly, used to fire cannons, etc. See also slow match.
[14c in obsolete sense -the wick of a candle or lamp-: from French mesche ]

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