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marry pronunciación 1
verb (marries , married , marrying )
1 to take someone as one's husband or wife Will you marry me?
2 said of a priest, minister, official, etc: to perform the ceremony of marriage between two people My uncle married us .
3 intr to become joined in marriage We married last June .
4 (usu marry someone to someone) said of a parent, guardian, etc: to give (a son, daughter or ward) in marriage to someone.
5 intr (also marry something up) to fit together, join up, or match (usually two things) correctly The two sides do not marry .
[13c: from French marier , from Latin maritare , from maritus a husband]
marrying adjective likely to marry or inclined towards marriage not the marrying kind .
marry into something
1 to become involved in or associated with it by marriage married into a large, close-knit family .
2 colloq to acquire it by marriage He married into money .
marry someone off colloq to find a husband or wife for them.

marry pronunciación 2
interjection , archaic an expression of surprise or earnest declaration; indeed!.
[14c: for -By (the Virgin) Mary!-]

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