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map pronunciación
1 a diagram of any part of the earth's surface, showing geographical and other features, eg the position of towns and roads.
2 a similar diagram of the surface of the Moon or a planet.
3 a diagram showing the position of the stars in the sky.
4 a diagram of the layout of anything, eg one that describes a particular sequence of genes in a chromosome.
verb (mapped , mapping )
1 to make a map of something.
2 maths to place (the elements of a set2 ( noun 2)) in one-to-one correspondence with the elements of another set.
[16c: from Latin mappa a napkin or painted cloth]
mappable adjective .
mapper noun .
mapping noun , chiefly maths .
off the map
1 said of a location: away from all main routes or roads, etc.
2 colloq out of existence; no longer significant.
put something or someone on the map colloq to cause (eg a town, an actor, a trend, etc) to become well-known or important.
map something out to plan (a route, course of action, etc) in detail She seems to have her whole life mapped out .

noun the process or skill of interpreting what is on a geographical map, especially in order to direct or plan a route, journey, etc.
map-reader noun .

1 (also maple tree) any of various broad-leaved deciduous trees of northern regions whose seeds float by means of winglike growths.
2 the hard light-coloured wood of these trees, used to make furniture, etc.
as adjective maple leaf .
[Anglo-Saxon mapul ]

maple leaf
noun the leaf of a maple tree, especially as the national emblem of Canada.

maple syrup
noun , esp N Am the sweet syrup made from the sap of the sugar-maple tree.

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