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many pronunciación
adjective (comparative more , superlative most )
1 (sometimes a great many or a good many) consisting of a large number; numerous Many teenagers smoke had to stop a good many times to rest .
2 (the many) the majority or the crowd; ordinary people, not nobility or royalty.
pronoun a great number (of people or things) The sweets were so rich that I couldn't eat many .
[Anglo-Saxon manig ]
as many the same number (of something) She hasn't as many friends as you I don't want as many .
have one too many colloq to drink to excess.
how many? how great a number of? How many people are coming?
many a, an or another as or being one of a number of (a specified thing) many a man spent many a happy hour there .
many's the time colloq on a great many occasions Many's the time I found her crying .
too many too great a number (of something); more than required There are too many people in here .

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