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manual pronunciación
1 belonging or relating to the hand or hands a job requiring manual skill .
2 using the body, rather than the mind; physical.
3 worked, controlled or operated by hand; not automatic or computer-operated, etc.
1 a book of instructions, eg for repairing a car or operating a machine. Also called handbook.
2 an organ keyboard or a key played by hand not by foot.
3 mil drill in the use of weapons, etc.
[15c: from Latin manualis , from manus hand]
manually adverb .

manufacture pronunciación
verb (manufactured , manufacturing )
1 to make something from raw materials, especially in large quantities using machinery.
2 to invent or fabricate something.
3 derog to produce something in a mechanical fashion.
1 the practice, act or process of manufacturing something.
2 anything manufactured.
[16c: French, from Latin manu by hand + facere to make]
manufacturer noun .
manufacturing adjective , noun .

noun (manukas ) an Australian and New Zealand tree of the myrtle family with hard wood and aromatic leaves.
[19c: Maori]

manumit pronunciación
verb (manumitted , manumitting ) formal to release (a person) from slavery; to set someone free.
[15c: from Latin manumittere to send from one's hand or control, from manus hand + mittere to send]
manumission noun .
manumitter noun .

manure pronunciación
noun any substance, especially animal dung, used on soil as a fertilizer.
verb (manured , manuring ) to apply manure to (land, soil, etc); to enrich (soil) with a fertilizing substance.
[15c in obsolete verb senses -to manage or cultivate (land)-: from French maynoverer to work with the hands]
manurer noun .
manuring noun .

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