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noun (mantises or mantes ) any of numerous mainly tropical insect-eating insects that have long bodies, large eyes and a tendency to sit in wait for prey with their two spikey front legs raised. Also called praying mantis.
[17c: Latin, from Greek mantis a prophet (because it looks as though it is praying)]

mantissa pronunciación
noun (mantissas ) maths the part of a logarithm comprising the decimal point and the figures following it.
[17c: Latin, -something added-]

1 a cloak or loose outer garment.
2 literary a covering a mantle of snow .
3 geol the part of the Earth between the crust and the core.
4 a fireproof mesh around a gas or oil lamp, that glows when the lamp is lit.
5 literary a position of responsibility The leader's mantle passed to him .
6 a fold of the external skin of a mollusc, etc that secretes the substance which forms the shell.
verb (mantled , mantling ) literary to cover, conceal or obscure something or someone mantled in darkness .
[13c: from Latin mantellum , diminutive of mantum a cloak]

noun (mantras )
1 a Hinduism , Buddhism a sacred phrase, word or sound chanted repeatedly as part of meditation and prayer, as an aid to concentration and the development of spiritual power;
b a word, sound or group of sounds repeated, often inwardly, as an aid to concentration when meditating.
2 any statement, precept, etc that is repeated in a formulaic or unthinking way.
[19c: Sanskrit, meaning -instrument of thought-]

noun a trap or snare for catching trespassers, poachers, etc.


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