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manner pronunciación
1 way; fashion Don't speak to him in that manner an unusual manner of walking .
2 (often manners) behaviour towards others has a very pleasant manner .
3 (manners) good or polite social behaviour She has no manners table manners .
4 formal or dated kind or kinds all manner of things What manner of man is he?
5 style; character an allegorical scene in the manner of Titian .
[12c: from French maniere , from Latin manuarius of the hand]
mannerless adjective .
by no manner of means or not by any manner of means under no circumstances; certainly not.
in a manner of speaking or in a manner in a way; to some degree; so to speak.
to the manner born said of a person: accustomed since birth to a particular occupation, activity, lifestyle, etc.

mannered pronunciación
adjective , formal
1 usually derog unnatural and artificial; affected.
2 in compounds having or displaying a specified kind of social behaviour bad-mannered sweet-mannered .

mannerism pronunciación
1 an individual characteristic, such as a gesture or facial expression.
2 derog especially in art or literature: noticeable or excessive use of an individual or mannered style.
3 (often Mannerism) in art and architecture: a style prevalent especially in 16c Italy, characterized by the playful use of Classical elements and trompe l'oeil effects in bizarre or dramatic compositions, often with the human body represented in an idealized form.
mannerist noun .
manneristic adjective .
manneristically adverb .

adjective , old use polite; showing good manners.
mannerliness noun .

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