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man pronunciación
noun (men )
1 an adult male human being.
2 in compounds a male person associated with a specified activity postman businessman .
3 in compounds a male person who was born in, or lives in, a specified country or place Yorkshireman .
4 human beings as a whole or as a genus; the human race when man first walked the earth . Also called mankind.
5 in compounds
a any subspecies of, or type of creature belonging to, the human genus Homo Neanderthal man modern man ;
b an individual member of such a group; a hominid Java man .
6 (often in compounds ) a human being; a person the right man for the job Time waits for no man man-made fibres a two-man job .
7 an ordinary employee, worker or member of the armed forces, as distinguished from a manager or officer The new boss gets on well with the men .
8 an adult male human being displaying typical or expected masculine qualities, such as strength and courage Stand up and be a man He's a real man .
9 sport , etc a male member of a team, group, etc.
10 in various board games, eg draughts and chess: one of the movable pieces.
11 colloq a husband or boyfriend Her man left her .
12 colloq used as a form of address to an adult male, in various contexts, eg indicating impatience Damn it, man! Just get on with it, man .
13 old use any male servant, especially a valet.
14 colloq the perfect thing or person, especially for a specified job or purpose If you need a good mechanic, David's your man .
as adjective a man friend man-hours .
verb (manned , manning )
1 (also in compounds ) to provide (eg a ship, industrial plant, fortress, etc) with men overmanning undermanned We are fully-manned today .
2 to operate (a piece of equipment, etc) or to make it ready for action man the pumps .
interjection , colloq used to intensify a statement that follows it Man, is she gorgeous!
[Anglo-Saxon mann ]
manful and manly see separate entries.
manned adjective said of a ship, machine, spacecraft, etc: provided with men, operators, crew, etc.
mannish see separate entry.
as one man simultaneously; all together.
be one's own man to be independent, not relying on or controlled by anyone else.
be someone's man to be exactly the person they are looking for to do a particular job You're my man .
make a man of someone to cause him to acquire some or all of the stereotypical adult male qualities, such as strength, toughness, courage, self-sufficiency.
man alive! an expression of surprise, admiration, etc.
man and boy from childhood to manhood; for all of one's life.
man of the match the player in a football, rugby etc match who is considered to have played best.
man to man openly or frankly; as one man to another.
sort out or separate the men from the boys colloq to serve as a test that will identify the strong, competent, etc members of a group It's a climb that will surely separate the men from the boys .
to a man slightly formal or old use without exception The board accepted my decision to a man .
men in grey suits unseen establishment figures holding the ultimate power in an organization, political party, etc.

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