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mail pronunciación 1
1 the postal system sent it through the mail came by mail .
2 letters, parcels, etc sent by post Collect your mail from the office .
3 a single collection or delivery of letters, etc arrived in the morning mail .
4 (also mail train, mail van, etc ) a vehicle carrying letters, etc.
5 comput e-mail You've got mail .
adjective used for, or relating to mail mail room mail delivery .
verb (mailed , mailing ) esp N Am to send (a letter, parcel, etc) by post. Also called in non-computing senses ( chiefly Brit) post.
[13c in old sense -bag or wallet-: from French male , from German malha a sack]
mailer noun .

mail pronunciación 2
1 flexible armour for the body, made of small linked metal rings. Also called chainmail.
2 the protective covering of an animal such as the turtle.
[14c in obsolete sense -a small metal ring or plate-: from French maille a mesh, from Latin macula a spot or mesh]
mailed adjective .

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