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magnetic flux
noun , physics (SI unit weber) a measure of the amount of magnetism, considering both the strength and extent of the magnetic field. See also flux (sense 6).

magnetic induction
noun , physics the production of magnetic properties in a previously unmagnetized material.

magnetic mine
noun a mine that is detonated by a pivoted magnetic needle when it detects a magnetic field created by the presence of a large metal object such as a ship.

magnetic moment
noun , physics a vector quantity whose product with the magnetic induction gives the torque on a magnet in a homogeneous magnetic field.

magnetic needle
noun the slim rod or bar in a nautical compass which, because it is magnetized, always points to the north, or which in other instruments is used to indicate the direction of a magnetic field.

magnetic north
noun the direction in which the magnetic needle of a compass always points, slightly east or west of true north.

magnetic pole
1 physics either of two regions at opposite ends of a magnet from which the lines of force of a magnetic field appear to radiate.
2 geol either of two points on the Earth's surface, ie the North Pole and South Pole, where the magnetic field is vertical, and to or from which a magnetic needle points.

magnetic resonance imaging
noun , radiol (abbreviation MRI) the use of nuclear magnetic resonance of protons to produce images of the human body, etc.

magnetic storm
noun , meteorol a sudden severe disturbance of the Earth's magnetic field caused by streams of particles from the Sun.

magnetic stripe
noun a dark horizontal stripe on the back of a credit card, identity card, etc containing information which can be read electronically.

magnetic tape
noun , electronics a narrow plastic ribbon, coated with magnetizable material, used to record and store data in audio and video tape recorders and computers.


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