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mad pronunciación
adjective (madder , maddest )
1 mentally disturbed; insane.
2 foolish or senseless; extravagantly carefree.
3 colloq, orig & esp US (often mad at or with someone) very angry; furious.
4 colloq (usu mad about or on something) extremely enthusiastic; fanatical; infatuated My boys are mad about cricket she's football-mad .
5 marked by extreme confusion, haste or excitement a mad dash for the door .
6 frantic with grief, pain or another violent emotion or desire.
7 said of a dog, etc: infected with rabies.
[13c: from Anglo-Saxon gemæded , past participle of gemædan to madden]
madly adverb
1 in a mad way.
2 colloq passionately.
madness noun .
go mad
1 to become insane or demented.
2 colloq to become very angry.
like mad colloq frantically; very energetically waving like mad .
mad as a hatter completely insane; crazy
[Possibly from the fact that, in the manufacture of felt hats, hatters used nitrate of mercury, exposure to which caused mental and physical symptoms which were interpreted as madness].
mad as a March hare see under March hare.
mad keen colloq extremely enthusiastic.

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