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luck pronunciación
1 chance, especially as it is perceived as influencing someone's life felt luck was on his side .
2 good fortune.
3 events in life which cannot be controlled and seem to happen by chance She's had nothing but bad luck .
[15c: from Dutch luk ]
luckless adjective .
as luck would have it used to introduce a statement reporting something that happened, it is felt, by chance.
down on one's luck experiencing problems or suffering hardship.
good luck! an exclamation wishing someone success in some venture they are about to undertake.
in luck fortunate.
just my, our, his, etc luck colloq expressing how typical an unwelcome situation, event, outcome, etc is Red wine all down my white shirt! Just my luck!
luck of the draw a chance someone takes.
no such luck colloq unfortunately not.
out of luck unfortunate.
push one's luck colloq to keep on doing something even when one is aware that something might well go wrong.
tough luck! colloq expressing either genuine or mock sympathy to someone who has suffered a misfortune.
try or test one's luck to attempt something without being sure of the outcome.
worse luck colloq unfortunately.
luck into or onto something slang to get or meet it by chance We lucked into some really good bargains .
luck out slang to be fortunate or to get something by good fortune really lucked out when they won the lottery .
luck upon something slang to come across it by chance.

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