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low pronunciación 1
adjective (lower , lowest )
1 said of a building, hill, etc: measuring comparatively little from top to bottom.
2 close to the ground, sea level, the horizon, etc low cloud .
3 said of a temperature, volume of water, score, etc: measuring comparatively less than is usual or average The river is low .
4 having little value; not costing very much.
5 said of numbers: small.
6 not near the top Shopping was low on her list of priorities .
7 coarse, rude, vulgar, etc.
8 being of humble rank or position.
9 not very advanced; unsophisticated Worms are a low form of animal life .
10 said of the neckline of a garment: leaving the neck and upper part of the chest bare.
11 said of a sound, note, voice, etc:
a quiet; soft The fridge gives out a low hum ;
b produced by slow vibrations and having a deep pitch.
12 a weak; lacking in energy or vitality feeling low after the operation ;
b depressed; dispirited feeling low after losing his job .
13 unfavourable a low opinion .
14 underhanded; unprincipled How low can you get?
15 giving a relatively slow engine speed a low gear .
16 subdued low lighting .
17 not prominent or conspicuous keeping a low profile .
18 said of latitudes: near the equator.
19 phonetics said of a vowel: produced with the tongue comparatively depressed and away from the palate. Also called open.
1 in or to a low position, state or manner aimed low and fired brought low by his gambling debts .
2 in a small quantity or to a small degree.
3 said of a sound, etc:
a quietly;
b with or in a deep pitch.
4 in compounds
a not measuring much in a specified respect low-voltage ;
b not far off the ground low-slung ;
c deeply low-cut ;
d lowly low-born .
1 a depth, position, level, etc which is low or lowest The pound has reached an all-time low .
2 meteorol an area of low barometric pressure.
[12c: from Norse lagr ]
lowness noun .
lay low see under lay1.
lie low see under lie2.
lowest of the low the most contemptible.
low in something containing less than the average amount, etc of it low in fat .
low on something not having much of it We're low on coffee .

low pronunciación 2
verb (lowed , lowing ) intr said of cattle: to make a gentle mooing sound.
noun the gentle mooing sound made by cattle.
[Anglo-Saxon hlowan ]
lowing noun .

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