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lose pronunciación
verb (lost , losing )
a to fail to keep or obtain something, especially because of a mistake, carelessness, etc lost his money through a hole in his pocket ;
b to stop or begin to stop having (some distinguishing quality, characteristic or property) She was losing her nerve He hasn't lost his sense of humour ;
c to become less marked, noticeable, intense, etc in a specified way These roses have lost their smell .
2 a to misplace something, especially temporarily I've lost the car keys ;
b to be unable to find something;
c to leave accidentally I lost the umbrella at the cinema .
3 a to suffer the loss of someone (usually a close friend or relative) through death;
b to suffer the loss of (an unborn baby) through miscarriage or stillbirth;
c to fail to save the life of (especially a patient);
d to be deprived of someone or something (life, possessions, etc), especially in a war, fire, natural disaster, etc The village lost half its population in the earthquake ;
e (be lost) to be killed or drowned, especially at sea.
4 to fail to use or get something; to miss (an opportunity).
5 a tr & intr to fail to win (a game, vote, proposal, election, battle, bet, etc) lost to a more experienced player ;
b to give away; to forfeit lost £50 on the horses .
6 a to be unable or no longer able to hear, see, understand, etc someone or something Sorry, I lost what you said when that noisy bus went by ;
b to confuse or bewilder someone Sorry, you've lost me there .
7 a to escape or get away from someone or something;
b said of a competitor in a race, etc: to leave (the rest of the field, etc) behind.
8 (lose oneself in something) to have all of one's attention taken up by it.
9 said of a clock or watch: to become slow by (a specified amount).
[Anglo-Saxon losian to be lost]
lose one's cool colloq to become upset.
lose face to be humiliated or discredited.
lose one's grip or lose one's grip on something to be unable to control or understand things.
lose ground to slip back or behind.
lose one's head see under head.
lose heart see under heart.
lose one's heart or lose one's heart to someone see under heart.
lose it colloq to lose one's temper or self-control.
lose one's licence to be disqualified from driving, usually for exceeding the limit of alcohol in the blood or for driving dangerously.
lose one's mind or reason to behave irrationally, especially temporarily.
lose one's rag or lose the rag see under rag1.
lose sight of someone or something
1 to be unable or no longer able to see them or it.
2 to forget or ignore the importance of them or it They lost sight of their original aims .
lose sleep over something see under sleep.
lose one's temper to become angry.
lose the plot colloq to become so angry, upset, etc that one loses sight of what one is supposed to be doing.
lose one's touch see under touch.
lose touch with someone or something see under touch.
lose track of someone or something see under track.
lose one's voice to be unable or hardly able to speak, especially due to having a sore throat.
lose one's way or lose the way see under way.
lose out colloq
1 to suffer loss or be at a disadvantage.
2 to fail to get something one wants.
lose out on something colloq to fail to benefit from it.

lose A word often confused with this one is loose.

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