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look pronunciación
verb (looked , looking )
1 intr (often look at something) to direct one's sight towards it looked out of the window looked at the exhibits .
2 intr (often look at something) to direct one's attention towards it We have to look at all the implications .
3 intr (look to someone or something) to rely on, turn to or refer to them or it looked to her for support .
4 to seem to be; to have the appearance of being She looked much younger than she was She looked an absolute sight .
5 intr to face or be turned in a specified direction The window looks south .
6 to express by a look She was looking daggers at him .
7 to consider or realize Just look what you've done!
8 intr (look for someone or something)
a to search for them or it;
b colloq to be hoping for it He was looking for around £100 for the bike .
a an act or the action of looking; a glance or view had a look through his photos ;
b a glance or stare that conveys a particular feeling or emotion gave her an impatient look .
2 (sometimes looks) the outward appearance of something or someone She always has that tired look She didn't like the look of the restaurant .
3 (looks) beauty; attractiveness.
4 a particular way of dressing, etc, especially one that is fashionable went for a sophisticated look .
5 a a search I'll have another look for that missing CD ;
b a browse.
(sometimes Look here!) used as an exclamation to call for attention or to express protest Look, you just can't behave like that! Look here! What do you think you're doing?
[Anglo-Saxon locian ]
be nothing or nothing much to look at or not be much to look at colloq to be plain or unattractive.
by the look or looks of someone or something colloq going by appearances By the look of him, he's in need of a rest .
by the look of things colloq going by how things stand at the moment By the look of things, we won't get this finished today .
have or take a look at something to make an inspection of it.
here's looking at you colloq used as a toast to someone.
look as if or look as though to appear to be the case that; to give the impression that looks as though she's seen a ghost .
look down one's nose at someone or something colloq to disapprove of them or it; to treat them or it with contempt.
look like colloq
1 to seem probable looks like it will rain .
2 to appear similar to looks like her sister .
3 to seem to be He looks like a nice guy .
look oneself to seem to be as healthy as usual He doesn't quite look himself yet .
look the part to appear to be very well suited (to do or be something) In his pirate costume, he really did look the part .
look a picture said usually of a female: to be extremely attractive The bride looked an absolute picture .
look right or straight through someone colloq to ignore them on purpose.
look sharp colloq to hurry up; be brisk.
look someone up and down to take in someone's entire appearance, usually in an assessing way.
never look back to continue to make progress or to prosper After the operation he never looked back .
not know where to look to feel acutely embarrassed.
look after someone or something to attend to or take care of them or it.
look back to think about the past; to reminisce.
look down on or upon someone or something to consider them or it inferior or contemptible.
look forward to something to anticipate it with pleasure.
look in on someone to visit them briefly.
look into something to investigate it.
look on to watch without taking part.
look on or upon someone or something in a certain way to think of or consider them or it in that way Look on it as a bonus You should look upon me as a friend .
look out
a to keep watch and be careful;
b used as an exclamation warning of imminent danger. See also lookout.
look out something to find it by searching I'll look out that magazine for you .
look out for someone or something
1 to be alert about finding them or it.
2 colloq to protect He has always looked out for his younger brother .
look over something to check it cursorily or quickly looked over her daughter's homework .
look through something to read or examine it.
look up to show signs of improving The weather's looking up at last .
look someone up colloq to visit or get in touch with them I'll look you up when I'm next in town .
look something up to search for (an item of information) in a reference book.
look up to someone to respect their behaviour, opinions, etc.

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