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long pronunciación 1
adjective (longer , longest )
a measuring a great distance in space from one end to the other;
b said of time: lasting for an extensive period.
2 (often in compounds )
a measuring a specified amount six centimetres long ;
b lasting a specified time a three-hour-long movie .
3 having a large number of items a long list .
4 a measuring more than is usual, expected or wanted She has really long hair ;
b lasting a greater time than is usual, expected or wanted The breakdown made it a painfully long journey .
5 said of someone's memory: able to recall things that happened a considerable time ago.
6 having greater length than breadth.
7 a said of a dress or skirt: reaching down to the feet;
b said of trousers: covering the whole of the legs Older boys were allowed to wear long trousers .
8 said of a drink: containing a large amount of liquid.
9 said of stocks: bought in large amounts in expectation of a rise in prices.
10 a phonetics said of a vowel: having the greater of two recognized lengths;
b said of a syllable in verse: stressed;
c popularly said of a vowel or syllable: taking a long time to pronounce in comparison with another, eg mate as compared to mat .
11 cricket said of fielders: covering the area near the boundary.
1 for, during or by a long period of time They had long expected such news .
2 throughout the whole time all night long .
1 a comparatively long time won't be there for long .
2 a syllable that takes a comparatively long time to pronounce.
3 a a signal in Morse code that corresponds with the dash1 ( noun 5);
b a long blast from a ship's siren, etc that forms part of a signal Three shorts and one long means head for the lifeboats .
[Anglo-Saxon lang ]
as long as or so long as
1 provided that.
2 while; during the time that.
before long in the near future; soon.
long ago in the very distant past.
long on something colloq having a lot of it not too long on brains .
no longer not now as it was in the past.
not long for this world euphem about to die.
so long colloq goodbye.
the long and the short of it the most important facts in a few words.

long pronunciación 2
verb (longed , longing ) intr
1 (often long for something or someone) to desire it or them very much He longed for her to come back .
2 (long to) to have a strong desire to (do something) He longed to hear from her .
[Anglo-Saxon langian to have a yearning desire]

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