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lock pronunciación 1
1 a mechanical device, usually consisting of a sliding bolt moved by turning a key, dial, etc, that provides security by fastening a door, lid, machine, etc.
2 an enclosed section of a canal or river in which the water level can be altered by means of gates, enabling boats to move from a higher section of the waterway to a lower one, or vice versa.
3 a state of being jammed or fixed together, and completely immovable.
4 the part of a gun that explodes the charge.
5 wrestling a tight hold which prevents an opponent from moving.
6 the full amount by which the front wheels of a vehicle will turn.
7 (also lock forward) rugby either of the two inside players in the second row of a scrum.
8 an airlock.
9 N Am a person or thing that is sure to win or succeed; a certainty.
verb (locked , locking )
1 to fasten (a door, box, bag, etc) with a lock.
2 intr said of a door, window, etc: to become or have the means of becoming locked.
3 (also lock something up) to shut up or secure (a building, etc) by locking all the doors and windows.
4 tr & intr to jam or make something jam.
5 tr & intr to fasten or make something be fastened so as to prevent movement.
6 to hold someone closely in an embrace or tussle.
lockable adjective .
lock horns to engage in battle, either physical or verbal.
lock, stock and barrel completely; including everything.
lock the stable door after the horse has bolted to take action to stop something happening after it has already happened.
under lock and key
1 securely locked up.
2 in prison.
lock someone in to prevent them from getting out of a building or room by locking the doors.
lock on or lock onto something said of a radar beam, etc: to track it automatically.
lock someone out
1 to prevent them from getting into a building or room by locking the doors.
2 to exclude (employees) from a factory or other workplace.
lock something out comput to prevent other users from accessing (a file) while one user is reading it or updating it.
lock someone up to confine them or prevent them from leaving by locking them in.

lock pronunciación 2
1 a section or curl of hair.
2 (locks) literary hair.
[Anglo-Saxon locc ]

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