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load pronunciación
1 something that is carried or transported.
2 a an amount that is or can be carried or transported at one time;
b in compounds lorryload of bricks .
3 a burden.
4 a cargo.
5 a specific quantity, varying according to the type of goods.
6 the weight carried by a structure, etc.
7 (loads) colloq a large amount loads of time .
8 duties, feelings, etc which are oppressive and heavy to bear.
9 an amount or number of things to be dealt with at one time.
10 the power carried by an electric circuit.
11 the power output of an engine.
12 the amount of work imposed on or expected of someone a heavy teaching load .
13 a single discharge from a gun.
verb (loaded , loading )
1 to put (cargo, passengers, etc) on (a ship, vehicle, plane, etc).
2 intr (also load up) to take or pick up a load.
3 to put something in or on something else as a load load the dishwasher .
4 photog to put (film) in (a camera).
5 to weigh down or overburden.
6 to be a weight on or burden to someone or something; to oppress.
7 (usu load someone with something) to give it lavishly or in great amounts to them.
8 comput
a to put (a disk, computer tape, etc) into a drive, so that it may be used;
b to transfer (a program or data) into main memory, so that it may be used. See download.
9 to put (ammunition) into (a gun).
10 to give weight or bias to (dice, a roulette wheel, a question, etc).
11 to put a large amount of (paint) on (a paintbrush or canvas).
12 insurance to add charges to.
13 to add a substance to (wine, etc).
[Anglo-Saxon lad course or journey]
a load of something colloq, derisive a lot of it What a load of rubbish!
a load off one's mind a relief.
get a load of something slang to pay attention to, listen to, or look at it Get a load of those orange leggings!
load the dice against someone to deprive them of a fair chance.

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