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live pronunciación 1
verb (lived , living ) (intr in all senses except 13 and 15)
1 to have life.
2 to be alive.
3 to continue to be alive.
4 to survive or to escape death.
5 to have a home or dwelling We live in a small flat .
6 (often live on) to continue or last Memories live on .
7 to lead one's life in a certain way live well .
8 (usu live by something) to order one's life according to (certain principles) lived by the teachings of Christ .
9 (live by or on something) to get a living from it live by farming .
10 (live on something) to have a diet that mainly consists of (one kind of food) live on rice .
11 (live off something or someone) to be supported by them or it live off the land live off one's parents .
12 (live for someone or something)
a to make them or it one's main concern;
b to look forward to it.
13 to pass or spend live a happy life in the country .
14 to enjoy life passionately or to the full They really know how to live .
15 to express (one's beliefs, etc) in one's life; to live in accordance with (one's beliefs, etc) live one's religion .
[Anglo-Saxon lifian and libban ]
live and breathe something colloq to be very enthusiastic about it lives and breathes football .
live and learn colloq to learn by experience.
live and let live colloq to be tolerant of others and expect toleration in return.
live beyond one's means colloq to spend more than one can really afford.
live by one's wits see under wit1.
lived-in see separate entry.
live for the moment colloq to live without thinking of the future.
live it up colloq to fill one's life with excitement and pleasure, often excessively.
live on borrowed time colloq to live longer than might have been expected.
live out of a suitcase colloq to live in different places for very short spells, never having time to unpack.
live through something to undergo (an unpleasant experience).
live within one's means colloq to spend no more than one can afford.
live with oneself with negatives and in questions to maintain one's self-respect.
live something down said after someone has made a mistake or blunder: to carry on living until something has been forgotten or forgiven by other people He lived down the shame of his arrest .
live in to live in accommodation supplied at one's workplace.
live together said of a couple, especially one in a sexual relationship: to share the same home.
live up to someone or something
1 to become as respected as them could never live up to his brother .
2 to turn out in a manner worthy of them or it tried to live up to her parents' expectations .
live with someone usually said where a sexual relationship is implied: to share accommodation with them He lives with his girlfriend .
live with something
1 to continue to suffer from or be haunted by the memory of it will live with the mistake for the rest of his life .
2 to put up with it He has to live with psoriasis .

live pronunciación 2
1 having life; not dead.
2 said of a radio or TV broadcast: heard or seen as the event takes place and not from a recording.
3 said of a record, video, etc: recorded during a performance.
4 said of a wire: connected to a source of electrical power.
5 said of coal, etc: still glowing or burning.
6 said of a bomb, etc: still capable of exploding.
7 up-to-date; relevant tackles live issues .
8 said of a volcano: still liable to erupt.
9 said of entertainments: playing to an audience a good live band .
10 comput fully operational.
11 said of yoghurt: containing live bacteria.
12 authentic saw a real live astronaut .
13 acoustics having a long reverberation time.
adverb at, during, or as a live performance They had to perform live on stage .
[16c: from alive]

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