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little pronunciación
adjective (littler , littlest ) (often having connotations of affection or another emotion and used instead of the more formal small )
1 small in size, extent or amount.
2 young; younger a little girl her little brother .
3 small in importance a little mishap .
4 trivial a little misunderstanding .
5 petty a little disagreement .
6 used as a way of detracting from a potentially disparaging implication: not troublesome funny little ways .
7 small-minded or mean He's a little liar .
adverb (comparative less , superlative least ) not much or at all They little understood the implications .
pronoun not much little to be gained from that course of action .
[Anglo-Saxon lytel ]
a little (with a noun such as bit , while , way understood but not expressed)
1 a small amount do a little to help out .
2 a short time He'll be here in a little .
3 a short distance down the road a little .
4 a small degree or extent run around a little to keep warm .
little by little gradually; by degrees.
make little of something
1 to treat it as unimportant or trivial.
2 to understand only a little of it.
no little considerable accomplished with no little inconvenience .
not a little very He was not a little upset .
think little of something or someone to have a low opinion of it or them; to disapprove of it or them.

little end
noun the smaller end of the main connecting rod in a car engine. Compare big end.

little Englander
noun someone who believes that Britain should retain its individual national identity rather than become part of a more integrated Europe.

little finger
noun the fifth and smallest finger of the hand. See also pinkie.
wrap or twist someone round one's little finger see under finger.

little grebe
noun a small waterfowl belonging to the grebe family. Also called dabchick.

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