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noun the ability to read and write.
[15c: from literate]

literal pronunciación
1 said of words or a text: following the exact meaning, without allegorical or metaphorical interpretation.
2 said of a translation: following the words of the original exactly.
3 derog unimaginative and matter-of-fact.
4 true; exact the literal truth .
noun , printing a misprint of one letter.
[15c: from Latin literalis , from litera letter]

1 strict adherence to the literal meaning of words.
2 art , derog the representation of a subject in an exact and unimaginative way.
literalist noun .

1 word for word.
2 a often used as an intensifier in figurative contexts: actually; really; absolutely They literally flew down the road ;
b without allusion or metaphor: really The poor creature was literally torn to pieces .

literally || In sense 2a, literally is often regarded as incorrect or as poor style, but it is an appropriate intensifier within the context of the idiom it is intensifying; other intensifiers like really and utterly would not work within the image or metaphor on which the the idiom is based: The red carpet was literally out for them. Nurses are literally worrying themselves sick trying to cope with the increased pressures of their jobs. It was literally a dream come true. || Often, the use of literally signals the relevance and punning nature of the idiom, especially when it is a cliché, as in some of the examples above. Occasionally, the effect is comic: People have been literally beside themselves with frustration. Recommendation: literally is in common use to intensify an idiom, and this is not incorrect; but beware of unintentionally bizarre or humorous effects.

literary pronunciación
1 referring or relating to, or concerned with, literature or writing.
2 said of a person: knowing a great deal about canonical literature.
3 said of a word: formal; used in literature, especially older literature.
[17c: from Latin literarius , from litera letter]

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