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liquid pronunciación
a a state of matter between solid and gas, where the volume remains constant, but the shape depends on that of its container;
b any substance in a water-like state.
2 phonetics the sound of l or r .
1 said of a substance: able to flow and change shape.
2 like water in appearance, especially in being clear.
3 flowing and smooth.
4 said of sounds: harmonious.
5 said of assets: able to be easily changed into cash.
6 said of eyes: tearful.
[14c: from Latin liquidus liquid or clear]

liquid crystal
noun , chem any of a number of organic compounds that flow like a liquid but resemble solid crystalline substances in their optical properties, eg having colour that is temperature-dependent.
[Late 19c]

liquid crystal display
noun (abbreviation LCD) in digital watches, calculators, etc: a display of numbers or letters produced by applying an electric field across a liquid crystal solution sandwiched between two transparent electrodes.

liquid paraffin
noun a colourless mineral oil derived from petroleum, used as a lubricant and laxative.

liquidate pronunciación
verb (liquidated , liquidating )
1 to bring to an end the trading of (an individual or a company), and have debts and assets calculated.
2 to turn (assets) into cash.
3 to pay off (a debt).
4 to eliminate or kill.
[16c: from Latin liquidare to make clear]
liquidation noun .

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