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like pronunciación 1
1 similar; resembling as like as two peas .
2 typical of It's just like them to forget .
3 used in asking someone for a description of someone or something What's he like?
1 in the same manner as; to the same extent as run like a deer .
2 such as animals like cats and dogs .
1 colloq approximately.
2 colloq as it were It was magic, like .
conjunction , colloq
1 as if; as though It's like I've been here before .
2 in the same way as not pretty like you are .
noun usually preceded by a possessive pronoun: the counterpart or equal of someone or something people of their like .
[Anglo-Saxon gelic alike]
anything like often with negatives nearly not anything like as good as the other one .
like a?see under the following noun, eg for like a bat out of hell see under bat2.
like as not dialect probably She'll be on time, like as not .
like crazy or mad colloq furiously; very much, fast, etc drove like crazy .
like what non-standard in the same way as He's not mad like what you are .
more like it
a nearer to what is wanted or required A cup of tea? A large brandy would be more like it ;
b nearer to the truth calls her his research assistant but dogsbody is more like it .
nothing like not nearly His new film is nothing like as good as his last one .
something like approximately paid something like £150 to get her car repaired .
the like
a things of the same kind TVs, radios and the like are on the third floor ;
b with negatives and in questions anything similar never see the like again .
the likes of usually derisive people or things such as wouldn't have much to do with the likes of them .

like pronunciación 2
verb (liked , liking )
1 to be pleased with something.
2 to find someone or something pleasant or agreeable.
3 to be fond of someone or something.
4 to prefer She likes her tea without sugar .
5 to wish, or wish for if you like .
noun (likes) things that someone has a preference for likes and dislikes .
[Anglo-Saxon lician to please]
(do something) and like it (to put up with doing something that is unpleasant) without complaining.
I like that! ironic expressing disapproval, surprise or shock.
like it or lump it see under lump2.

adjective sharing a similar outlook or having similar opinions, tastes or purpose.

likeable pronunciación or likable
1 easy to like.
2 lovable.
3 pleasant.

likelihood or likeliness
noun probability.
in all likelihood very probably.

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