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light pronunciación 1
1 a form of electromagnetic radiation that travels freely through space, and can be absorbed and reflected, especially that part of the spectrum which can be seen with the human eye.
2 any source of light, such as the sun, a lamp, a candle, etc.
3 an appearance of brightness; a shine or gleam see a light away in the distance .
4 (the lights) traffic lights turn left at the lights .
5 the time during the day when it is daylight.
6 dawn.
7 a particular quality or amount of light a good light for taking photographs .
8 a flame or spark for igniting.
9 a means of producing a flame for igniting, such as a match.
10 a way in which something is thought of or regarded see the problem in a new light .
11 a hint, clue or help towards understanding.
12 a glow in the eyes or on the face as a sign of energy, liveliness, happiness or excitement.
13 someone who is well regarded in a particular field a leading light .
14 an opening in a wall that lets in light, such as a window.
15 (lights) formal someone's mental ability, knowledge or understanding act according to one's lights .
1 having light; not dark.
2 said of a colour: pale; closer to white than black.
verb (past tense and past participle lit or lighted , present participle lighting )
1 to provide light for something light the stage .
2 tr & intr to begin to burn, or to make something begin to burn light the fire .
3 to guide or show someone the way using a light or torch.
4 tr & intr to make or become bright, sparkling with liveliness, happiness or excitement.
[Anglo-Saxon leoht ]
lightish adjective .
lightness noun .
bring something to light to make it known or cause it to be noticed.
come to light to be made known or discovered.
go out like a light to fall sound asleep soon after going to bed.
hide one's light under a bushel see under bushel.
in a good or bad light putting a favourable or unfavourable construction on something.
in the light of something taking it into consideration.
light at the end of the tunnel an indication of eventual success or completion.
lights out
1 mil a bugle or trumpet call for lights to be put out.
2 the time at night when lights in a dormitory or barracks have to be put out.
see the light
1 to understand something.
2 to have a religious conversion.
see the light of day
1 to be born, discovered or produced.
2 to come to public notice.
shed or throw light on something to make it clear or help to explain it.
light up colloq to light (a cigarette, etc) and begin smoking.

light pronunciación 2 or (in senses 22 and 23) lite
1 being of little weight; easy to lift or carry.
2 low in weight, amount or density light rain .
3 not pressing heavily; gentle a light touch .
4 easy to bear, suffer or do light work .
5 being of less weight than is correct or proper.
6 equipped with only hand-held weapons light infantry .
7 without problems, sorrow, etc; cheerful a light heart .
8 graceful and quick; nimble a light skip .
9 not serious or profound, but for amusement only light reading .
10 old use not chaste.
11 thoughtless or trivial a light remark .
12 not thinking clearly or seriously; giddy a light head .
13 said of a syllable: not stressed.
14 said of food: easily digested.
15 technical said of wine: with a comparatively low alcohol content by volume.
16 non-technical said of wine: with a delicate fresh flavour.
17 denoting a weight category in boxing, etc that is slightly below one of the standard categories light middleweight .
18 said of cakes, etc: spongy and well risen.
19 said of soil: loose and sandy.
20 said of a vehicle or ship: designed to carry light loads only.
21 said of a ship: unloaded.
22 (also lite) said of alcoholic drinks: low in alcohol.
23 (also lite) said of food and non-alcoholic drinks: containing little fat and/or sugar.
24 said of industry: producing small consumer articles, usually without the use of heavy machinery.
1 in a light manner.
2 with little luggage travel light .
noun (lights) see separate entry.
[Anglo-Saxon leoht ]
lightish adjective .
lightly see separate entry.
lightness noun .
make light of something to treat it as unimportant or trivial.

light pronunciación 3
verb (past tense and past participle lit or lighted , present participle lighting ) intr
1 said especially of birds: to come to rest after flight.
2 (light on or upon something) to come upon or find it by chance suddenly lit upon the idea .
[Anglo-Saxon lihtan to alight]
light out N Am to depart, especially hurriedly or secretly.

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